Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photos from the Prayer Group's Pilgrimage to Kibeho

I never got an official count, but there were ~ 33 of us on the pilgrimage,
mostly from the university Emmanuel Cty prayer group
Gazing at the hills of Rwanda never gets old

Singing, praying, talking.  These things kept us busy during the 7 hour walk to Kibeho.
A video of our entertainment during the walk: http://youtu.be/-sHRBqJPJQY
Our group was quite an attraction for local children during our lunch break
Some of my brothers from the prayer group: Onesphore, d'Amour, and Didace


Another photo of the Rwandan countryside, this time with fields in the valley

Children start working young in this country.  They're carrying water.

Tea fields
The Fidesco volunteers of Rwanda.  Never mind my outfit.  I know it's hideous.
Most of the group on the last afternoon of the pilgrimage
Jesus, I trust in you!

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