Sunday, September 1, 2013

Every-Day Blessings

I already wrote a post today, but I have to write again to recount the blessings of the Lord.  As I walked into my house at 9:30 pm, I thought to myself, "Every day is full of blessings."  This is true no matter where one lives, but here in Rwanda I am really aware of it and it has to do with the joy I receive from being with the girls and the Fidesco family in town. 

The Fidesco family has 4 cute, young children and anytime I'm around children, I am happy.  I think it comes from looking outside myself as I listen to their stories or follow them into their bedrooms where they show me their toys and the like.  With a child, I don't feel the need to talk about myself.  Instead, I want to know what they are learning in school and what they have been up to that day.

With the students, it's a different setting but the same experience of living for others.  I leave my computer and my house during the day and in the evening to search for them and when I find them, they are so happy.  They surround me as I teach them how to play cards or they sweep me along with them into the dining hall, as they did for the first time tonight, and I share a meal with them.  I struggle to eat the sweet potatoes and beans offered to me, even though I'm already full from the dinner I ate in my house beforehand.  I answer their questions and watch them laugh because I am with them.  I promise to do all I can to eat with them every Sunday and secretly, I hope it will more often than that.  I end the night by teaching the song Sanctuary to another group of girls in the corridor between the dorm buildings and I walk the short distance back to my house completely happy and aware of the blessings of the Lord.  This is what I am here for.

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